Where Can I Get 23228 Dental Implants?

It’s never easy to lose a tooth. The truth is, it can incur sizeable damage to one’s day-to-day functioning as well as self-image. However, modern dentistry offers a number of treatment options for those who have lost a tooth or multiple teeth. Today, the most advanced method of replacing a missing tooth is a dental implant. A dental implant come the closest of all methods of tooth replacement to replicate both the form and function of a natural tooth. Here at Glenside Dental, we take pride in offering our patients the highest-quality 23228 dental implants.

23228 Dental Implants

In fact, dental implants have earned the status of being the most successful implanted surgical device with a stellar 98% success rate. Involving the placement of a small surgical post into the jaw, a dental implant behaves in much the same way as the root of a natural tooth. When a missing tooth is not replaced, there is often a risk that the adjacent and opposing teeth will shift into the empty space causing a host of bite problems. What’s more, the bone where a tooth once stood begins to naturally shrink without the continued stimulation of the tooth’s root in place, causing the natural contours of the face to become unsupported and sag. Fortunately, our 23228 dental implants address both these potential issues, as they work to stimulate bone growth the way a natural tooth does and prevent the shifting of neighboring teeth. With a single dental implant a natural-looking dental crown is supported, while multiple implants can support dental bridges or provide added stability to a removable denture.

To find out whether you qualify for implant dentistry treatment, visit Glenside Dental for a consultation. Your dentist will be able to assess your condition to determine whether you are a candidate for 23228 dental implants or whether other options might be better suited to meet your needs. For more information on tooth loss treatment, or the many other excellent services we provide, give us a call today.


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