Where can I find a 23228 Dentist?

In the face of a dental emergency, you may feel overwhelmed or confused as to the best way to respond. Ignoring the problem means increasing your risk of irreversible damage and further infection, which can result in greater pain and stress down the line. But thanks to Glenside Dental, you don’t have to fret about finding a reliable and skilled dentist to provide urgent care. Our office can provide you with the timely dental care you need when you need it most. At Glenside Dental, we’ll alleviate the discomfort and stress of your dental emergency, and get you back on a path to oral health and overall well being.

23228 Dentist

Toothaches remain perhaps the most common reason why patients seek emergency treatment at their 23228 dentist. Toothaches typically fall into either one of two separate categories—the ones stemming from odontogenic pain, from the nervous tissue within tooth itself, or non-odontogenic pain, from the surrounding face, jaw, or head. When you schedule a toothache-related emergency appointment with your 23228 dentist, Dr. Shan will go over your medical and dental histories, review your symptoms and then perform a thorough exam of your oral cavity to determine the underlying cause of your pain.  During the clinical exam, she will look specifically for clinical signs of redness, inflammation, or apparent damage to the tooth. Our high-tech digital radiography system can also aid in the detection of dental issues affecting in the surrounding tissues and in the underlying bone. Once a diagnosis is made, we will work with you to pursue the most appropriate treatment plan for your needs, to relieve both the pain and its underlying cause.

Having a plan in place in case of a dental emergency begins with keeping the contact information for Glenside Dental on hand. Please feel free to give us a call should an urgent dental need ever present itself. As your 23228 dentist, our staff will prioritize your condition and work to give you the timely care you deserve by scheduling you for an appointment your earliest convenience.

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