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23228 dental office

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A brighter, more beautiful smile contributes to a healthier sense of self-esteem. A beautiful smile can boost your confidence in all manner of personal and professional interactions. However, not everyone is born with naturally white teeth and in some situations a smile can lose its luster over time.  Whether your smile is dulled or discolored due to dietary choices, medications or the natural effects of aging, your trusted 23228 dental office provides a professional strength teeth whitening procedure to renew and brighten your smile.

23228 dental office

Unlike at a pharmacy, where you’ll find a bewildering number of whitening solutions promising a profusion of results, our 23228 dental office is where your dentist will be able to design and administer the safest and most effective whitening treatment for your needs. At our office, we offer a remarkable professional-grade take-home whitening system. Our dentist will be able to guide you on the use of this system, which provides excellent results that you’ll gradually be able to see when you look in the mirror. This remarkable process is able to reduce the effects of years of discoloration and staining. In the event that a patient does not qualify for our whitening treatment, we provide a comprehensive range of cosmetic options to create a beautiful smile. No matter what dental imperfection you want to correct, we work to make sure you are satisfied with the look of your smile.

To learn more about our whitening treatment, or to schedule a smile makeover consultation at our 23228 dental office, give us a call today. Our staff is here to respond to your needs, and help you maintain optimal oral health as well as meet the cosmetic goals you have set for your smile. Dr. Ailin Shan is proud to help her patients achieve the brilliant and healthy smiles they want and deserve.

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