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Where can I find a laser dentist in Richmond?

At Glenside Dental, your care and comfort are our top priorities. By keeping pace with the latest advances in care, we provide patients the highest quality of services and a positive dental healthcare experience. As one of the most advanced methods of care, dental laser technology can be applied in a number of procedures to deliver treatment that is more gentle and precise. Our laser dentist in Richmond strives to make dental visits stress-free and keep patients well informed and at ease throughout the course of care.

Laser dentist in Richmond

Dental lasers deliver energy in the form of light to accurately cut and shape the soft and hard tissues of the mouth. Lasers operate without making direct contact with the teeth or gums, which helps eliminate the heat, pressure and vibration that may be associated with conventional dental instruments. In fact, dental lasers are so gentle that in some cases, treatment with local anesthesia may not be needed when they’re used.  Dental lasers can be used to remove tooth decay, cure dental fillings, perform biopsies or remove lesions, activate in-office teeth whitening treatment and for a number of periodontal procedures. When used to remove diseased or damaged tissue, lasers keep more of the surrounding healthy tissue in tact. Dental lasers cauterize as they go, which can also facilitate faster healing time and reduce post-operative bleeding. Our highly skilled laser dentist in Richmond will discuss your best options in care and recommend procedures that suit the unique requirements of your case.

For personalized care that is tailored to accommodate your individual needs, visit us at Glenside Dental. Our laser dentist in Richmond delivers quality treatment with the utmost exactitude and strives to make every visit a stress-free experience. To learn more about dental lasers or to schedule an appointment, give us a call today.

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