Richmond root canal

Where can I get a root canal in Richmond?

The phrase “root canal” is known to strike fear in the hearts of those who hear it. Yet in reality, there is no reason to worry. The simple fact is that, despite common misconceptions, root canals remain the most effective treatment for relieving serious dental pain. And thanks to advancements in modern dentistry, the procedure is no less comfortable than a routine filling. Here at Glenside Dental, we offer precise and gentle Richmond root canal treatment, putting our patients’ comfort and peace of mind first to ensure a positive stress-free dental experience. Our staff of trained professional is equipped to carry out your procedure with all the delicacy and careful precision our patients deserve.

Richmond root canal

Root canal treatment is an extremely common procedure with more than 15 million root canals performed each year. It carries an astonishing rate of success, and is effective in addressing issues of dental decay and damage while leaving the underlying structure of the tooth intact. During your Richmond root canal, your tooth and the surrounding area will be completely numb as your dentist removes the damaged inner tissue of your tooth. Once the tooth’s inner chamber has been cleaned and shaped and filled, the dentist will recommend the best way to rebuild the tooth.  Whether it is decided to restore the tooth with a filling or a dental crown, the result will replicate a natural tooth in both form and function. Teeth treated with root canal therapy can go on to stay healthy for a lifetime.

If your tooth has been damaged by decay or injury, it’s important to seek treatment as soon as possible to prevent a further downturn in your oral health. The conscientious staff of Glenside Dental takes pride in delivering leading-edge treatment with a personalized approach. For more information on Richmond root canal treatment, or the many other incredible dental services we provide, give us a call today.

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